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We have oil sealed vacuum pumps that perform to 29.9 “HG. These pumps are excellent for food packaging, chemical processing, laboratory central vacuum systems and many more. These pumps compete with other manufacturers such as BUSCH, Rietschle, BECKER and others. These VessVAC pumps have a footprint that fits many food processing equipment with industry standard inlet and exhaust for easy placement.

Long life and low maintenance costs make this a favorite with many companies.  Call Ed today to discuss your application at 647-402-7510 or email

We also have dry running piston pumps that have capacities to 8 cfm  and vacuum as low as 28″HG.  These are a favorite with distributed vacuum systems because they are 120V, lightweight, and quiet.  Use them anywhere.  The have treated cylinder linings for long life. Some of our customers use them 24/7 continuously and they have run 15000 hours before overhaul. These pumps can handle a moderate amount of vapour when using a purge cycle. Excellent pumps at a very cost competitive price.  Dry running vacuum pumps – capacities to 16 cfm and vacuum to 25″HG

Dry running Piston single and double stage pumps – capacities to 200 l/min, vacuum to 5 TORR

We have a  number of reconditioned VT4.8 BECKER pumps. These are perfect for the cost conscious consumer. Guaranteed with an as new warranty for half the cost of a new pump.  These are dry rotary pumps with a capacity of 5.5 cfm and are capable of 25″HG. Easy to maintain these pumps are great for vacuum degassing, fiberglass/carbon fiber layup and infusion, vacuum bagging and veneer.  These pumps can also be used as a compressor providing 15 psi air.

For more demanding applications we have a two stage oil sealed pump with vacuum to 50 microns. These pumps are available in sizes from 3 to 12 cfm . Portable, lightweight and 120V make these pumps great for desktop applications.     
Oil filled 2 stage rotary vane vacuum pump capacity upto 5 cfm and vacuum 50 micron
For all your oil, carbon vanes and filter needs call VessVAC. We have all makes at the best prices.
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All types of inlet and 

exhaust filters, carbon vanes and parts for BUSCH, BECKER, RIETSCHLE, and all other manufacturers