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How BIG a vacuum pump do I need? Is larger always better?

It always depends on what you want to do and what performance criteria is important to you.

The consideration for a larger pump is when TIME to reach a certain vacuum is critical. If time is not important a small pump will pump down to a specific vacuum the same as a larger pump only it will take more time. If it does not matter whether you reach vacuum in one minute or ten minutes then a smaller pump is better since it is less expensive to buy and to run.   If you need large volume suction for a short period of time you could consider using a vacuum tank in addition to the smaller pump. This gives a large inital suction surge and then the pump is used to draw down the vacuum to a lower specified limit.

The second criteria is which type of pump do I need? Each type of pump has different operating capacities which can be best seen on a pressure vesus flow chart. Each type of pump has a unique performance curve. For vacuum to 760 torr or 29.9″HG the most economical choice is an oil sealed rotary vane pump. For vacuums to 29″HG or 730 torr a piston type pump can be used. For vacuum to 25″HG  or   635 torr a dry rotary vane can be used.  You will notice there is onsiderable overlap in vacuum levels aschieved. At VessVAC we offer solution to all your vacuum needs offering the best in performance, quality and value.  Call 647-401-7510 or email for more info or to discuss your application.